Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

A very simple crushing principle

On the WEIL vertical shaft impact crushers, fragmentation is achieved mainly by the high speed projection of material on material. The materials to be crushed are fed through a simple funnel at the centre of a vertical shaft rotor, turning at heigh speed. They are then projected against a natural wall of material built up on the step of a circular box, the stator. Crushin is achieved by:

– multiple impact between the material projected from the rotor and the material piled up in the stator,

– fragmentation by attrition.

The product is then discharged naturally in free fall.

A definite viable investment

– Excellent shape of the aggregates produced: this is the prime objective in using this type of crusher.

– Very varied feed options depending on the nature of the material; hardness, abrasivity, moisture content, any size under 60 mm acceptable.

Low installation cost

– Simple structures required for crusher support, feed arrangement and to ensure crushed product collection.

– Very good energy/production consumption ratio

Minimum maintenance

To ensure the best usage, choice of rotor speed and adequate power supply, crushing and abrasibity tests can be carried out on samples at WEIL´s test plant.

Cross-sectional view

  1. Easy access to wear parts through inspection doors and a retractable feed corridor.
  2. Compensation for wear on the feed funnel through a raised setting system.
  3. Rotor well protected by the wear parts and a hardening process, giving a longer life.
  4. Main wear parts on the rotor (ejectors, bars) identical to those on all the machines in the range.
  5. Simple and robust drive mechanism for the rotor (with three heavy duty bearings).
  6. Easy product discharge under the crusher via two vertical chutes on either side of the pulley.

Technical data